About Member Institutions

Hudson Valley Oncology Associates

19 Cook St
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
Phone: (845) 485-7767
Website: www.prosoncology.com

The Professional Radiation Oncology Services team offers an exceptional level of excellence in cancer care because it is part of a collaborative regional network of radiation treatment facilities in the tri-state area. The radiation oncologists at PROS are partners of Radiation Medicine Associates of Scranton (RAMAS), with a history of over 20 years working together as cancer care providers. We offer the latest technological advances in radiation therapy, so cancer patients and their families can benefit from the most advanced cancer treatment and research opportunities.

We invite you to learn more about us by calling any of our phone numbers listed here or by visiting our website at www.prosoncology.com.


Medical Director Lawrence Koutcher, MD   (973) 729-7001
Radiation Oncologist Michael J. Gallagher, MD   (973) 729-7001
Radiation Oncologist Kathy Lo, MD   (973) 729-7001
RPA-C Physicians’ Assistant Christa Mitchell (845) 485-7767
Healthcare Management Resources   Alice Bulger, CEO (570) 451-3910