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Biomolecular Signal Transduction

Program Overview

Jeffey Benovic, Ph.D., Program Director

The Training Program in Biomolecular Signal Transduction provides broad interdisciplinary training in the field of signal transduction at both pre-doctoral and post-doctoral levels. Program faculty are drawn from several basic science and clinical science departments at Thomas Jefferson University: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Cancer Biology; Pathology, Cell Biology and Anatomy; Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, and the divisions of Endocrinology, Cardiology and the Center for Translational Research in the department of Medicine. In addition, all are members of the Kimmel Cancer Center. Specific training areas include growth factor and G protein-coupled receptor signaling, signal integration, protein targeting and trafficking, cell cyle regulation, apoptosis, mechanisms of viral infection, chemical genetic approaches to regulation of protein function in cells, mechanisms involved in cardiovascular disease with emphasis on receptor signaling pathways, biochemical and biophysical strategies to understand mechanisms of cellular trafficking, and the role of caveolin in signaling and disease. The overall goal of the program is to provide aspiring researchers with the training and experience necessary to establish careers as independent investigators.

The pre-doctoral training program is open to students in the PhD Programs in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Molecular Pharmacology and Structural Biology whose thesis research is in the field of signal transduction, who have completed most of the required course work for their specific program, and who will soon complete or have completed the Preliminary Examination. For additional information about these PhD Programs please visit:

For the postdoctoral program, applicants must hold a Ph.D., M.D., or equivalent doctoral degree, and acceptance will depend upon past research excellence, educational experience and career goals. We provide a multidisciplinary research environment in which trainees can collaborate with faculty engaged in a wide range of problems using a variety of approaches all focused on furthering our understanding of cell signaling and its role in disease. The program emphasizes the development of basic research skills and expertise as well as the rapidly expanding field of translational research. Taking what is developed in the laboratory and applying the knowledge in the clinic is the crucial link between the laboratory and the patient. This is accomplished by: 1) close interaction with clinical programs at Jefferson Medical College; 2) the inclusion of several physician scientists in the Biomolecular Signal Transduction Program that enhance the level of translational research; and 3) a monthly Translational Research Symposia series that post-doctoral fellows must attend. The program is designed to prepare post-doctoral trainees for employment in academia, government or industry.

Preceptors in the Biomolecular Signal Transduction Training Program

Jeffrey L. Benovic, PhD - Program Director, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Emad Alnemri, PhD - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Renato Baserga, MD - Cancer Biology
Barry Goldstein, MD, PhD - Medicine, Division of Endocrinology
Ya-Ming Hou, PhD - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Renato Iozzo, MD - Pathology, Cell Biology & Anatomy
Erica Johnson, PhD - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
James H. Keen, PhD - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Walter J. Koch, PhD - Medicine, Division of Cardiology, Center for Translational Medicine
Michael P. Lisanti, MD, PhD - Cancer Biology
Diane Merry, PhD - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Michael J. Root, MD, PhD - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Charles Scott, PhD - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Scott Waldman, MD, PhD - Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
Philip Wedegaertner, PhD - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
John C. Williams, PhD - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Edward Winter, PhD - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

For program information contact:
Joanne Balitzky, Graduate Programs Coordinator, KCC
Telephone: 215-503-6687
Fax: 215-923-1098