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KImmel Cancer Center News Release

  1. Jefferson Scientists Uncover Key Pathway, Potential Drug Targets in Autoinflammatory Disease
  2. Landenberger Professorship Established at Jefferson
  3. Jefferson Researchers Discover Key Regulator of Hormonal Signaling in Breast Cancer Cells, Potential Drug Target
  4. Jefferson Radiation Oncologists to Use Real-Time System to Help Plant “Seeds” Against Prostate Cancer
  5. Jefferson Researchers Find that Personalized Interventions are Key to Improving Colon Cancer Screening Rates
  6. Philadelphia Magazine's Top Doctors 2007 - Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson
  7. Jefferson Oncologists Show Breast Cancers to be More Aggressive in African American Women
  8. Jefferson Radiation Oncologist to Accept ASCO Scientific Leadership Award for RTOG
  9. JAMA Editorial: Jefferson Pharmacologist Says Biomarker Discovery Bodes Well for Better Cancer Diagnostics, Personalized Medicine
  10. Jefferson Vaccine Pioneer Hilary Koprowski, M.D., Wins 2007 Sabin Gold Medal
  11. Jefferson Researchers Boost Immune "Killer Cells," Increase Antibody Effectiveness Against Cancer
  12. Jefferson’s Kimmel Cancer Center Urology Chair Gomella On Men’s Health Magazine Top List for the “21st Century Man”
  13. KCC International Grand Rounds with Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne, Australia, Thursday, April 19th, 5:30-6:30 PM, 602 Bluemle Life Sciences Building
  14. Sabin Vaccine Institute Names Hilary Koprowski, M.D. 2007 Sabin Gold Medal Winner
  15. "The Future of Immunology" A Symposium in Honor & Memory of Bice Perussia, MD
  16. Jefferson Scientists Identify Protein Key to Breast Cancer Spread, Potential New Drug Target
  17. Cancer Programs Celebrate National Cancer Registrars Week April 9-13
  18. KCC Grand Rounds, "Cultural Competencies and Healthcare Disparities: Key Perspectives and Practical Approaches," Samuel Betances, April 11th, 8am, Connelly Conference Room
  19. KCC Healthcare Policy & Disparities Workshops, April 11th, 8am to 3pm, Connelly Conference Room
  20. Jefferson Scientists Uncover Gene Mutation that Cuts Colon Polyps, May Suppress Cancer
  21. Nobel Prize Recipient Roald Hoffman, PhD, Joint Seminar Series, March 29th, Noon, Connelly Hall
  22. Cancer Biologist Steven B. McMahon, Ph.D., Joins Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson
  23. Kimmel Cancer Center & Jefferson Cancer Network, Breast Cancer Symposium, Friday, February 23rd
  24. Pancreatic Cancer Surgery Five-Year Survivors 65 and Up Live Nearly as Long As Anyone
  25. Jefferson Scientists Find Guardian Gene’s Choices Crucial to Stopping Cancer Process
  26. Gene finding may aid kids' leukemia fight
  27. Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson Holds Clinical Translational Research Retreat
  28. The Kimmel Cancer Center at Thomas Jefferson University Named Melanoma Center of Excellence
  29. Jefferson Scientists Find Aging Gene Also Protects Against Prostate Cancer Development
  30. Jefferson Oncologists Show Less Radiation Just as Effective in Fighting Brain Tumor, Saving Hearing
  31. Jefferson Scientists Find Blood Vessel-Building Protein Halts Blood Vessels from Forming in Cancer
  32. Blocking Cancer-Causing Gene Improves Radiation Effectiveness, Jefferson Researchers Find
  33. Jefferson Researchers Find Nanoparticle Shows Promise in Reducing Radiation Side Effects
  34. Jefferson Scientists Find Tumor Suppressor Gene Also Protects Against Pre-Cancerous Development
  35. Jefferson Scientists Show “Dachshund” Gene Reverts Cancer Genes to Normal, Predicts Breast Cancer Prognosis
  36. Immune Cell Communication, Cooperation Keys to Hunting Viruses, Jefferson Immunologists Show
  37. New Drug Target Might Sidestep Gleevec Resistance, Jefferson Scientists Show
  38. Jefferson Radiation Oncologists Among First to Use Cone Beam CT to Improve Treatment Accuracy
  39. Jefferson Scientists Explain Cancer Cell Metabolism Changes
  40. Dr. Edith Mitchell name KCC Director of Diversity Programs.
  41. KCC Announces New Clincical Leadership Positions
  42. Jefferson Scientists Engineer Tobacco-Made Antibodies Targeting Cancer Cells
  43. Jefferson Scientists Show Protein Key to Bladder Cancer Spread, Potential Drug Target
  44. Chromosomal Testing Can Determine Brain Tumor Therapy, Outcomes, Jefferson Radiation Oncologists Find
  45. Pancreatic Cancer Surgery Can Help Those Over 80, Jefferson Surgeons Find
  46. Jefferson Scientists Identify Gene Mutation Potentially Involved in Breast Cancer Initiation
  47. NIH Honors Hilary Koprowski -- 50 years of Continuous NIH Research Funding
  48. Bone Marrow Transplant Specialist Matthew H. Carabasi, M.D., Joins KCC
  49. RTOG Launches Landmark Brain Tumor Study
  50. Jefferson Radiation Oncologist Rated Top in Nation by Industry
  51. Adam P. Dicker, MD, PhD, New RTOG Vice-Chair for Translational Research
  52. Live Webcast Will Give Close-up View of Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer Offered by Jefferson Multidisciplinary Urologic Cancer Team
  53. Richard G. Pestell, M.D., Ph.D., Named Director of the Kimmel Cancer Center
  54. Jefferson Family Medicine Specialist Richard Wender, M.D., Voted President-Elect of American Cancer Society