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Cancer research links

Non-Murine Transgenics
Human Genome Project
MIT & Harvard's Broad Institute
NCBI Genome Guide
Ensembl Genome Server
Japan Animal Genome Database
The Genome Database (H. sapiens)
Flybase (D. melanogaster)
Yeast Genome Database (S. cerevisiae)
Murine Transgenics
The Jackson Laboratory
The Mouse Genome Database
Databases/Tools From the Jackson Laboratory
The Mouse Atlas Project
Portable Dictionary of the Mouse Genome
Whole Mouse Catalog
Nagy Cre and Flox Transgenic Databases
Gene Trap Insertions
Crossing Organisms
National Center for Biotechnology Information
Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man
Mouse/Human Homology Relationships
Biology of the Mammary Gland
Mapping and Sequencing
National Center for Genome Resources
Genetic Linkage Analysis
HudsonAlpha Genome Sequencing Center
Pasteur Institute
DrugBank Database in Canada