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Assisted Reproductive Technologies

The Facility utilizes a number of assisted reproductive technologies in its operations - technologies that can be harnessed to enhance your mouse research program.


Note: Discounts apply for members of Departments/Programs that subsidize the facility.
IVF for strain rescue, rederivation or expansion $600 + cost of mice and per diems
Embryo transfer for strain rederivation $400 + per diems
Other services Inquire

Description of Services

In vitro fertilization (IVF) Sperm will be isolated and used for IVF to produce embryos. The yield of embryos will be dependent on the number of oocyte donors used and on the strain of the mice involved. Embryos will then be transferred to a maximum of 6 recipient females. Additional embryos can be transferred at a cost of $50 per recipient and/or frozen at a cost of $2/embryo. Some potential uses of IVF include the following:

Embryo transfer for strain rederivation A colony of mice that is carrying pathogens can be re-derived as a pathogen-free colony by collecting preimplantation stage embryos from mated females and transferring them to recipients that will deliver pathogen-free pups.

Other services If you have other needs that may be served by the Facility's expertise in mouse reproductive technologies (for example, assessing sperm viability and function in knockout mice), please do not hesitate to contact us.

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