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Transgenic Services


Note: Discounts apply for members of Departments/Programs that subsidize the facility.

Standard Microinjection (B6D2F2 or B6D2N2 embryos) $2000+ cost of mice and per diems
Non-standard Microinjection (Embryos of other strains) $3000 + cost of mice and per diems
Lines expressing cre recombinase No charge

Description of Services

Prior to the injection of a construct, requesting investigators must demonstrate the ability to detect a single copy of their transgene using the genotyping assay that will be that will be used to identify founder mice.

Standard Microinjection

A minimum of 300 B6D2F2 or B6D2N2 embryos will be injected with your construct. Injected embryos will be transferred to pseudopregnant recipients. Pups will be weaned and tail clipped by the Facility, and tail samples will be given to the requesting investigator for genotyping. All mice not genotyped after 10 days of delivery of tail samples may be transferred to the investigator due to space constraints in the Facility's mouse rooms.

Once founders are identified, they will be re-clipped for confirmation of genotype by the investigator, placed in mating cages and transferred to the requesting investigator.

Should no transgenic founders be obtained from the first series of microinjections, another 150 embryos will be injected (all additional mouse costs are the responsibility of the requesting investigator). Prior the re-injection of the construct a new preparation of DNA will be required.

If additional microinjections are required in order to obtain the necessary founders, these will be done on a prorated, cost per embryo basis.

Typically, microinjection will yield 10-20% of live born as founders. These results vary greatly depending on construct, DNA preparation and donor mouse strain. For this reason the KCC Transgenic Facility cannot promise to produce transgenic founders for all constructs.

Non-standard Microinjection

The process for microinjection into non-standard embryos will be identical to that of standard microinjection; however, non-standard strains are not typically as hardy. Therefore the number of females that must be purchased to produce 300 embryos will be greater. The number of live born pups may also be reduced.

Injection into strains other than C57BL/6J and FVB/NJ will require prior consultation with the Facility Director.

Cre Recombinase Lines

A small bank of mouse lines expressing Cre recombinase is available from the Facility for use by TJU investigators only. These are available as frozen sperm and embryos; in rare instances they may also be available as live mice. Please contact the facility if you are interested in obtaining either of these lines:

  • Actb-Cre Cre ubiquitously expressed from the beta actin promoter
  • Tamoxifen-Cre Inducible Cre
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